Amazon Bestselling Author, Alexi Venice, is best known for her Pepper McCallan Series, featuring a corporate lawyer-turned counterterrorism consultant. Pepper travels the world on assignments, fighting both external and internal foes, avenging the death of her son at the hands of terrorists. 

Venice draws on her own experience as a practicing attorney and avid adventurist.  She makes it a point to attempt the same activities as Pepper McCallan, including flying the Eclipse jet, wake boarding, shooting assault rifles and boxing in the ring.  Venice also is the president of her beloved Hot Mama Water Ski Club. 

In 2017, Venice released BOURBON CHASE, THE SAN FRANCISCO MYSTERY SERIES, BOOK 1, featuring Dr. Jen Dawson, D.A. Amanda Hawthorne and Detective Tommy Vietti. BOURBON CHASE was the #1 New Release on Amazon.  Venice is continuing with the series, recently releasing AMANDA'S DRAGONFLY, THE SAN FRANCISCO MYSTERY SERIES, BOOK 2.

Venice has gained a reputation for a fast-paced writing style, entertaining loyal readers with an ensemble of characters who struggle through darkness to experience the passion and love that life has to offer.

Venice, who used to live in San Francisco, now spends most of her time in Wisconsin--when she isn't researching book plots in her favorite destinations. 

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Volume One July 27, 2016

​​“The books are built around Pepper’s metamorphosis from corporate lawyer to full blown action hero,” Venice explains.

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Volume OneFebruary 2016

Prolific Thrillers
Alexi Venice cranked out three installments of her series in under a year...


Perspectives, Uof M Law School, December 2016

​"Spinner of tales, starring a James Bondesque counterterrorism specialist named Pepper  McCallan."

dooce ®  June 2017

​" know damn well that I will be keeping those books for my own entertainment..."

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Venice’s goal in creating her book series was to bridge the gap between the two extremes under her gender-neutral penname, drawing in male and female readers to her literary world.

Volume One, February 2016

5ive for Women, January 2017

​"Alexi Venice's works bring treasure-a-plenty!" 

Chippewa Herald Business Report, July 2016

"I try to choose exciting places for my stories so that the reader is entertained or learns something new about a place they’ve never been. When I plan to visit a locale for a book, it technically isn’t a vacation. I do a lot of research beforehand, and write for a few hours every day while there, trying to capture the local culture, sayings, flora, and fauna...”