Venice’s idea for the first book of the series, Ebola Vaccine Wars, stemmed in part from experience in her career.

Volume One, February 2016

Joseph “Diji” Owusu, survives Ebola in his native Nigerian village, and is curious about the vaccine trial that was inflicted on his tribe.  He moves quickly through grief, arriving at anger over the injustice of the vaccine trial.  

David Arnout is the head of Futuraceutical Company.  His raw ambition drives him on his personal quest to win the race for an Ebola vaccine, anticipating the sales revenue will make him a wealthy man.  

Pepper McCallan is a hardworking mom who doesn’t understand why her family and employer, Futuraceutical Company, are under attack.   

Pepper struggles through grief to help Brent Cahill, a roughhewn U.S. Counterterrorism Agent, solve the terror plot against Futuraceutical as they travel to remote, unfamiliar and often dangerous destinations?

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The Foundation for Pepper McCallan - A Mother's Loss to Terrorism