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The Racy Book in the Pepper McCallan Series  

Corporate lawyer-turned counterterrorist consultant, Pepper McCallan, doesn’t expect to be needed so urgently by Agent Brent Cahill while she and her husband, Bill, are island-hopping in the Caribbean in the fall of 2018.  But Brent discovers he needs Pepper’s help to thwart a terrorist plot on America that incorporates nerve gas, drones and unlikely sexual liaisons between world leaders.

Furthering their counterterrorism success, Brent and Pepper unnerve the stunning Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Svea Lovgren, by confronting her at a formal ball in Stockholm.  They question Svea’s motives  regarding U.S. pharmacy interns, and her rendezvous with Russian President Vadik Volkov.         

As Pepper is drawn deeper into clandestine travel, her husband, Bill McCallan, resumes his career as an orthopedic surgeon at Southview Hospital in Minneapolis.  Bill unexpectedly finds himself at the center of a large scale disaster at Southview Hospital that might be related to Pepper's mission.

The second book, Svea’s Sins, came quickly afterwards, with Venice finishing it in just six weeks.

Volume One, February 2016