Pepper McCallan and Brent Cahill are called by President Cecil Scott to investigate a terrorist attack by a group identifying itself as Victus.  Pepper and Brent fend off personal assassination attempts while investigating a pestilence of sharpshooter insects on California’s grapevines, causing panic among farmers.  The first bioterrorism war on American soil has begun. 

President Scott receives a blackmail letter from Victus, threatening to destroy more of America’s natural resources unless he agrees to supply free food to famished nations. 

Brent’s brother, Reed Cahill, fires up a blazing hot romance with Blaire Starr, a young, powerful financier in Minneapolis. Reed and Blaire attempt to keep their love affair secret from family members in Minneapolis, but Reed needs to return to his winery in Australia.  

Meanwhile, a baby is born with ‘swastika tattoos’ on his eyelids, just like his parents had inked on their own eyelids, inciting nationwide scrutiny and unrest as fringe groups rally and condemn. 

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Pepper McCallan Evolves into a Fighting Machine