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2017 Book Releases

Bourbon Chase, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 1

Amanda's Dragonfly, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 2

Stabscotch, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 3

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Contemporary Fantasy

Story Description

Ebook on sale for .99 cents (U.S.)

     JerJer is anxious to dominate humanity and prove that his philosophy of natural order is superior. Educated at the finest universities, JerJer launches an insidious campaign for President of the United States. 

     His agenda appeals to Americans’ weaknesses, as he leverages the hubris of his constituency. 

     In Western Australia, a girl is born into tumultuous circumstances at Margaret River Winery. Raised by her father and an aborigine caretaker, Starr strives to live a normal life, riding her loyal appaloosa, tending to her vineyards and tasting romance with a steadfast Australian man. 

     As her supernatural talents intensify, however, messages from the aborigine Spirit Realm and God combine to animate constellations, depicting the prophecy that was spoken to Starr’s father on the night of her birth. 

     Starr is swept up in the penultimate battle between good and evil, fighting a primordial adversary with her meager resources - or so she believes. She struggles to come to terms with her destiny, wondering if she can save humanity for the love of higher powers, family, and her beloved Australia.   

     In AUSTRALIA’S STARR, Alexi Venice paints picturesque landscapes and develops captivating characters who use inventive weaponry. Venice incorporates subtle symbolism that will resonate with readers, lingering long after they finish the story.     

About Alexi Venice

Amazon Bestselling Author, Alexi Venice, practiced law for 28 years until the novels within her had to be indulged their freedom. 

Her exciting legal cases inform her writing, in addition to her adventurous spirit, which has led her to fly jets, shoot assault rifles, wake board in the Caribbean, test her strength at CrossFit and get the crap beat out of her boxing. 

Venice, who used to live near San Francisco, is married and now spends most of her time in Wisconsin. 

Her favorite pastimes include biking and playing with her duck tolling retrievers on the lake. 



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